The Uniquely Bakersfield Walk/Run is a fundraiser benefitting the Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault. The Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault strengthens our community through prevention, education and crisis intervention services. 100% of the Uniquely Bakersfield Walk/run proceeds will stay right here in Kern County, supporting the Alliance and strengthening our community. 

There are people all around us who are hurt – directly or indirectly – by domestic violence or sexual assault. We all know someone who has been a victim.

1 in 4 women experience domestic violence in their lifetime

1 in 3 teens is sexually or physically abused by a boyfriend or girlfriend in one year

1 in 6 women are survivors of sexual assault

1 in 5 men are sexually assaulted before the age of 18

These are not just numbers. These are mothers, sisters, brothers, children, coworkers, the guy you play ball with, the friend in your book club, your teenager’s – or your teenager, herself.

The ALLIANCE Purpose

The Alliance mission is “to stop domestic violence and sexual assault in Kern County and assist survivors in reclaiming their lives.” The Alliance positioning statement is Strengthening Our Community One Step at a Time. Our purpose is to be known as an agency that makes a difference in our community by providing expertise in domestic violence and sexual assault, insuring the safety and well-being of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and their children by providing services that will address their individual needs and prepare them for self-sufficiency.

History of the ALLIANCE

The Alliance began in 1979, in Bakersfield, California, with a group of volunteers who operated a 24-hour hotline. With 34 years’ experience providing crisis intervention, emergency services and supportive programs, the volunteers and staff not only continue to operate the hotline, but also provide many other programs and services that work to end domestic violence and sexual assault in our community, as well as support those who have been victimized.

Who is Behind the ALLIANCE

The Alliance is a professional and caring organization whose goal is a fundamental respect for the value and dignity of all human beings, and a strong belief in the potential inherent in all persons to assume responsibility for managing their own lives. Alliance also places the highest priority on maintaining strong, collaborative working relationships with other agencies and the community at-large to maintain its purpose. Some of the Alliance partners are: Bakersfield Homeless Center, all Kern County law enforcement agencies, Kern County District Attorney’s Office, Kern County Public Health, Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance, and many others.

A member in good standing with: Kern County Domestic Violence Advisory Council (DVAC), Kern County Homeless Collaborative (KCHC), California Partnership to End Domestic Violence (CPEDV), California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA).

The ALLIANCE Services

  • 24-hr. Crisis Hotline
  • 24-hr. Emergency Shelter, Food, and Clothing (up-to 60 days)
  • 24-hr. Hospital Accompaniment
  • Transitional Housing  (up-to 24 months)
  • Licensed Childcare
  • Individual and Group Counseling Services (Adult and Child) 
    • Failure to Protect Groups (Adult)
    • Court Ordered Domestic Violence Awareness Groups (Adult)
    • Teen Domestic Violence Awareness Group (Youth)
    • Child Sexual Assault Awareness Group (Child ages 8-11)
    • Children Affected by Domestic Violence Groups (Child ages 7-12)

  • Case Management
  • Court Accompaniment and Legal Advocacy
  • Assistance with Temporary Restraining Orders
  • Community Prevention Education and Training
  • Rural Outreach – Peer/Support Groups
  • Employment and Housing Search and Placement
  • Education and Job Skills Training
  • Rapid Re-housing Assistance
  • Self-Defense Classes
  • 40-hr. Certified Domestic Violence Volunteer Training
  • 40-hr. Certified Sexual Assault Volunteer Training
  • Transportation
  • Bilingual Staff (English/Spanish)
  • Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)
  • Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART)

Why Support the ALLIANCE?

Support the Alliance because it is the only agency of its kind in the city of Bakersfield. The Alliance also serves clients in the outlying communities inside the greater Kern County area. The Alliance is the only non-profit domestic violence and sexual assault agency located in the city of Bakersfield.  Domestic violence is a public health problem aggravated by high poverty levels and increased unemployment.  Kern County has a child poverty level of 30% vs. 22% for the state; and an unemployment rate of 15.9% vs. the state’s average of 12.4%.Bakersfield’s poverty level is ranked fourth in the nation at 21.4% compared to the national average of 15.9%.  Due to continuing home foreclosures, loss of jobs and high unemployment rates – the Alliance is experiencing an increase in clients seeking domestic violence and sexual assaults services (averaging 50-65 walk-ins per month vs. 30-45, 2-years ago).  In 2012, the Kern County Sheriff’s Office responded to 3,226 family violence related calls (not including attempted homicide, kidnapping, stalking, statutory rape, or other sexual offenses) - a 4% increase from the 3,130 family violence related calls received in 2011.  During FY2011-12, the Alliance responded to 522 client referrals from local law enforcement agencies and assisted 818 unduplicated crisis hotline callers – many requesting emergency shelter services.  Victim referrals from local emergency rooms, medical clinics, and medical offices were increased by 44% during FY2011/12 from 48 to 87.  Additionally, the Alliance has experienced an increase in emergency shelter bed nights from 9,026 in FY2010/11 to 10,183 in FY2011/12.  As such, the Alliance is keenly aware of the responsibility entrusted to it to ensure the continuance of vital services and programs needed to support the community.